Vateri is surrounded by 20 acres of olive groves, vineyards and orchards. We produce fine wine and tsipouro - a traditional Greek brandy, similar to the Italian grappa - olives and olive oil, as well as homemade fruit preserves and jams. If you wish so, you can get involved in farm life whatever the season. Observe the process of making wine, tsipouro, olives and jams, or simply taste and enjoy their pure, natural flavours!

Situated in between the sea and mountains, Vateri offers a great location for visiting picturesque seaside towns and charming villages clinging to the green hill slopes. Enjoy wonderful walks in the nearby beaches, forests, streams, waterfalls and wetlands, and come foraging for mushrooms and chestnuts with us! Visit the fossilised forest of Kerasia and the local museum, and explore places and landscapes you would never have guessed existed in Northern Evia on the various 4x4 routes available.

Vateri boasts an Olympic size tennis court, a swimming pool, a basketball court and a playground, as well as equipment for mountain biking and cycling on the numerous forest trails or cycle routes available nearby.