Limni is an attractive harbour town, where, according to Greek mythology, Zeus got married to Hera. With a history so old that it is lost in the mists of time, Limni is a town of welcoming people and traditional architecture no more than a five-minute drive from Vateri. Enjoy pleasant walks by the beach or along the paved narrow streets, ramble around old manor houses with well-kept gardens, and visit the local history and folklife museum and the museum of traditional costume. In Limni you will find tasteful shops, and lovely cafés and restaurants, where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a glass of ouzo, or your meal right on the seafront.

The Elymnia festival is held every year in August featuring art, photography and local craft exhibitions, classical and contemporary music concerts and dance performances. All events lead up to the spectacular reenactment of Limni’s naval past, a storytelling taking place in the sea in collaboration with the local sailing club, featuring a wealth of fireworks.